Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

This will depend on the amount of traffic you have. Kids and pets will usually increase the number of times your carpet will need to be cleaned. Your lifestyle and health will also play a role in your decisions. In general, your carpet should be cleaned at least once a year. If you have kids and pets, then at least every six months.

Knowing the origin of the stain will be a great help. Sometimes it is hard to tell what the stain is by sight only. Colored stains usually need a different removal technique. If a stain has been in the carpet for a long time, this will make it more difficult to remove. There is no magic solution to get rid of all stains. Off the shelf products will not remove all stains and if used incorrectly, they could make the stain more difficult or maybe even impossible to remove.

Will stains come out?

Once again, there are many things that depends on. "What kind of stain is it? Does the stain have color to it? How long has it been in the carpet? Have any cleaning chemicals already been applied by the resident?"

Will stains come back?

No, is the general answer. With hot water extraction, the stain is dissolved and strong suction usually removes the stain. Some stains and carpet styles such as "Berber" make it more difficult.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

This will depend on several things. Carpet fiber, temperature, air movement, amount of soil load, humidity, etc., all effect dry time. Usually all it takes is four to six hours.